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Season 3, Episode 1 - “An International Affair”
Chopped’s Ted Allen and Amanda Freitag stop by the arena with one goal in mind: Beat Bobby Flay! Italian-born chef Patrick D’Andrea takes on Canadian chef Rob Feenie for the chance to stare down the master.

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Season 5, Episode 6 - “Brightening the Bedrooms”
Nicole tackles the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom which have had their natural beauty covered in old wallpaper and fixtures. She brings out the beauty of the original birdseye maple woodwork in the bedroom, restores the two bedroom’s fireplaces and removes the tacky kitsch from the bathroom. At another house, people line up to see Nicole’s work and raise money for a fallen soldier.

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Season 04, Episode 05 – “Enemy at the Gates”
Kuvira threatens Zaofu; Bolin is caught in the middle of the bad blood between Su Beifong and Kuvira.


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Season 05, Episode 04 - “Foxground Pavilion”
Joe and Maura wanted to slow down. They found 80 acres of land, including their own rainforest, and want to build a sustainable home. Will they overcome the challenges of building that way on their own?

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Season 2, Episode 3 - “Victoria London”
It’s the fourth of nine heats as three designers battle it out for a place in the second round and the chance to win The Great Interior Design Challenge. This time our amateur designers take on the open plan living and dining rooms of three Victorian terraced houses in the heart of London’s east end. They have £1,000 and three days to give the open plan reception rooms a whole new look. Artist Lucy must bring some order to her homeowners’ large eclectic collection of furniture and ornaments without losing the heart and soul of their home. Egon must design a mid-century themed room with three zones – cocktail bar, dining and lounge areas. While Charlotte has to persuade her client that her dark wall colour is the way to go for his modern masculine brief. Architectural historian Tom Dyckhoff discovers the history of the houses and the east end, while judges Sophie and Daniel watch every design detail come together, before they must decide who is good enough to win a place in the next round

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Season 1, Episode 8 - “I Do”
Nick and Lauren attempt to leave all the family drama behind them and get to the resort where they plan to marry.

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