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Read changelog.txt for information on updated content!

Publisher: Slitherine Ltd.
Developer: Flashback Games,The Lordz Games Studio
Genre: Strategy

Release Name: Warhammer.40000.Armageddon.v1.02.Update-SKIDROW
Size: 13.65 MB
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Release Description:
Face up to the toil, struggle, pain, strife and hardships of leadership in the latest expansion for Crusader Kings II.

Developed by award winning Paradox Development Studios. The latest iteration to the franchise follows in the proud tradition of introducing defining new game elements to the narrative.

Crusader Kings II: Way of Life allows you to live life the way you like, be it as a peaceful mystic, a family man or a master of war. Each chosen focus will tell a different tale and presents an opportunity to forge your path to success by setting your focus and shaping the destiny of your empire.


  • Set a Focus (a “way of life”) for your character to give them an immediate skill boost, develop their abilities and determine the kind of events and decisions they tend to get (there are ten of these focuses: Rulership, Business, Hunting, War, Family, Carousing, Seduction, Intrigue, Scholarship and Theology.)
  • Hundreds of new events and 20 new images.
  • Many new diplomatic interactions (Duel, Seduce, Banish to Monastery, Break up with Lover, etc).

Developed by: Paradox Development Studio
Published by:
Genres: RPG, Simulation, Strategy

Release Name: Crusader.Kings.II.Way.of.Life-SKIDROW
Size: 915 MB
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Release Description:
Fight for your life in the INDIE SCI-FI FPS game fit for both casual and hard-core gamers with a passion for hunting down hordes of zombies. Prepare yourselves for the incoming nightmare!

The ESS Meridian starship is travelling through space with a new FTL technology, heading towards its destination – Tau Ceti f, the first planet in the history of mankind to be colonized. A few months later an elite member of Unit 13 is disrupted from cryogenic sleep. But Tau Ceti f is nowhere in sight and something is very wrong. What happened to all those people? Why are they so aggressive and attack without any survival instincts?


Epic single player campaign with over 5 hours of gameplay and a story that will draw you in.
- 12 story campaign missions with gameplay that differs from the mobile version, haing more rooms open to explore
- Survive and Biohazard modes with many missions
- A unique set of achievements
- Special ability – Bullet Time (slow motion) ability of the player
- Special ability – Devastation (area of effect) ability of the player
- 14 unique upgradable weapons
- Many different types of enemies
- Explosives with post-process effects (grenades, trip-mines)
- Full Dead Effect soundrack.

Developed by: BadFly Interactive, a.s.
Published by: BadFly Interactive, a.s.
Genres: Action, Indie

Release Name: Dead.Effect-CODEX
Size: 1.49 GB
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Download: ViP FiLE – UPLOADED – RAPiDGATOR – Uploadable


  • Requires Never.Alone-CODEX
  • Doesn’t need a new crack since the protection files weren’t updated

Genre: Action, Platformer, 2D
Publisher: E-Line Media, Unity Games Japan
Developer: Upper One Games

Release Name: Never.Alone.(Kisima.Ingitchuna).UPDATE.1.3-CPY
Size: 689 MB
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Download: ViP FiLE – UPLOADED – RAPiDGATOR – Uploadable

Description: You are summoned by Ekrem, the current owner of a mansion in Istanbul. He is renovating the mansion into a historic hotel. The grand clock seems to be broken and he needs you, the greatest mechanic of all, to fix the thing until the opening. But, wait a minute… Is it just a broken clock, or is it the sign of the spirits trapped in the mansion for eternity?


  • Solve 13 hidden object scenes
  • Enjoy 7 additional unique puzzles
  • Find hidden objects on Ottoman miniature paintings
  • Solve the mystery in beautifully decorated Ottoman mansion

Release Name: Magnificent.Seal.v1.0-TE
Size: 118 MB
Links: HOMEPAGE – NFO – Torrent Search

Download: ViP FiLE – UPLOADED – RAPiDGATOR – Uploadable

Description: Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a new Christmas Wonderland! Christmas Wonderland 5 is crammed full of fabulous hidden object scenes, truly superb mini games and puzzles for players of all ages to enjoy. Find lots of hidden objects, bonus candy canes and 12 days of Christmas items as you go.

Christmas Wonderland 5 takes the entertainment and fun of the previous games in the series to new levels. With many new and exciting features, it is a game that will keep players of all ages and abilities happy for hours!


  • Earn game rewards and achievements as you go
  • Christmas themed hidden object scenes and puzzles
  • Buy presents for the whole Family
  • Find challenging bonus items

Release Name: Christmas.Wonderland.5.v1.0.0-TE
Size: 144.78 MB
Links: HomepageNFOTorrent Search


This is still v1.0.3, but a higher build with lots of patches and hotfixes. Check the included .txt file for a list of changes.

Included DLCs:

  • The Holodome Onslaught
  • Shock Drop Slaughter Pit
  • Handsome Jack Doppelganger Pack

Developed by: 2K Australia
Published by: 2K Games
Genres: Shooter, Action, Team-Based, First-Person, 3D

Release Name: Borderlands.The.Pre.Sequel.Update.v1.0.3.Incl.DLC-RELOADED
Size: 691 MB
Links: AMAZON | iGN | GameSpot | NFO | Torrent Search