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Drugs Inc S04E02 Jamaican Gangs Guns And Ganja 720p HDTV x264 YesTV

Season 5 , Episode 8 - “Dallas Dope Cowboys”
The southwest border of the U.S. is the main gateway for illegal drugs, and Dallas, Texas, is often the first port of call for the Mexican cartel drug trade. In this episode, witness how the Mexican cartels have tainted Dallas by turning it into their command and control center for the trade of their narcotics. Buyers desperate to get a hold of the cartel’s high-quality product flock to Dallas from all over the country, giving local dealers the chance to make big money.


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Season 1 , Episode 2 - “How to Kill an Asteroid”
Asteroids have decimated life on Earth before and they will again. Across the globe, scientists, engineers and astronauts are gearing up for a cosmic battle to hunt asteroids and prevent them from hitting us. In this episode viewers will meet the experts building new telescopes and space probes to detect the estimated one million asteroids out there that could wipe out an entire city. We’ll explore plans to knock an incoming asteroid off course with a kamikaze spacecraft, or to shoot asteroids down with giant space lasers. And we go inside the craziest NASA mission ever proposed – to capture an asteroid in deep space with a giant bag and move it to the Moon.

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Season 05, Episode 22 – “Knockout Restoration”
When a client looks to restore a vintage arcade Punch-Out Game given to the shop by Rick Harrison, Rick Dale and his guys put up their dukes for a knockout restoration. Then Rick and Tyler make a bet on who’ll pack a bigger punch when the job is done. But they might not find out if Rick has to throw in the towel on this heavyweight project.

Season 05, Episode 23 – “Boys Meet Whirl”
Rick tries to “step right up” when a 1940s Tilt-A-Whirl carnival car spins into the shop. Can he take this piece from beat-up and broken down to fairground fantastic? Then, returning customer Big Mike brings in a 1960s Schwinn bicycle as a 60th birthday surprise for his business partner. Can Ron and Leonard successfully search for its hard-to-find seat to make this present pop?


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Season 08, Episode 26 – “Million Dollar Deal Part 2”
A Ventriloquist leaves Karen and Bobby J speechless, and an angry MMA fighter takes a swing at Byron. Plus, an odd couple delivers one of the biggest surprises in store history when they try to sell the Golds art they claim is worth over a million dollars. The paperwork is fishy but the Golds bring in an art expert who believes the paintings by Picasso, Miro and Chagall are real!



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Season 1, Episode 2 - “Under Pressure”
The team have to deal with setbacks and underwhelming scrimmages.


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Hot In Cleveland S04E21 HDTV x264 ASAP

Season 5, Episode 21 - ”Mystery Date: Oscar Edition”
Melanie and Joy compete to be Victoria’s plus one at the Oscars.


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Season 01, Episode 02
Tom is joined by different guests on the show that features topical panel discussion in which no-one gets voted off at the end and no-one plays the pantomime villain.

Links: HOMEPAGE – TVRage

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