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Season 01, Episode 4 - “Snake Bites and Quicksand”
“So You Think You’d Survive?” – Harrowing caught-on-camera video pits you against broken water mains, deadly lightning, dangerous hot air balloon crashes, and giant tsunamis!

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Every guy’s ultimate four-wheel fantasy becomes his worst nightmare when he is forced to choose between the cash he desperately needs and the classic ride he always knew his clunker could become in Discovery Channel’s all new series, HIGHWAY TO SELL premiering on September 1 at 10PM ET/PT.

Season 1, Episode 1 - “Partners in Chrome″
Dennis teams up with Slick, a local shop owner in Florida, to launch a business venture where they repair broken-down classics, sell the refurbished vehicles at auction, and split the profits with the cars’ owners.

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The biggest laboratory in the world is the internet. Watch as our experts break down and explain some of the most inventive and silliest experiments ever attempted. Here we count down the wildest moments involving nature.

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Season 9, Episode 31 - “Block Pop Up Shop”
The winners of The Block Pop Up Shop are revealed and they receive over $4500 in profits.

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Sarah-Jane Crawford presents the second show of the opening weekend of the competition. Including all the big unseen moments, never before seen auditions and news.

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“The Feed” is part road show, part NYC food adventure, part talk show – this is a deliciously inventive new series celebrating food in all its creative, ingenious glory. Three unique and distinctly opinionated hosts – culinary expert Gail Simmons; superstar chef Marcus Samuelsson; and comedian and food writer Max Silvestri – anchor a rollicking adventure into the world of cooking, food trends and food culture in America. From edible fireworks to beef jerky business cards to the next big food mash-up, they don’t just talk about what’s happening right now in the food world; they get their hands dirty and challenge each other to push food culture forward.

Season 01, Episode 01 – “Mashed Up Dishes & Food Design Wishes (Pilot)”
Marcus, Gail and Max try to create their own craze by inventing new food mashups and then design what they each think will be the next great food product people will be spending big bucks on.

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It centers on an eccentric genius and his international network of super-geniuses who form the last line of defense against the complex threats of the modern age. “Scorpion” was inspired by the true story of Walter O’Brien (hacker name “Scorpion”), CEO of global think tank Scorpion Computer Services. A man with one of the world’s highest documented IQs (1 in 1.5B people), O’Brien became a real-life Professor X and recruited and trained other geniuses from around the world to work together to save lives and solve problems from casino security to Military Drone warfare.

Season 01, Episode 01 – “Pilot”
Get a behind the scenes look at the new CBS drama Scorpion.


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