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You might think after playing the perfect father and husband on Growing Pains, Alan Thicke would have being a family man all figured out. While he may have hung up his cardigans, his fiery, half his age Latina wife Tanya and three children – too smart for his own good Carter, rock star Robin and Brennan, who runs a marijuana dispensary – keep him on his toes. In between jet setting around the globe and relaxing at his seven acre estate in Santa Barbara, Alan somehow finds time to write for Hollywood studios, appear in the latest sitcom, attend the Kardashians’ Christmas party and hang out at the Playboy mansion. Unusually Thicke follows the hilarious, action packed and dramatic daily lives of Alan’s real life Modern Family.

Season 1, Episode 1 - “Hoarders”
Alan has a garage sale after his wife calls him a hoarder, and Carter recruits Bob Saget to help in the series premiere of this show that blends reality TV and sitcom elements to spotlight the everyday lives of Alan Thicke and his family.

Season 1, Episode 2 - “The Anniversary”
Alan hurts Tanya’s feelings during their anniversary dinner, so he tries to make things right, but problems arise; Carter regrets following his dad’s dating advice.

Season 1, Episode 3 - “Rockin’ Robin”
Alan and Carter visit Robin while he’s touring so that Carter can see the unglamorous side of fame; Tanya cares for a homeless animal, and she soon realizes she underestimated the difficulty of the challenge.


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Season 4 , Episode 1 – “Steal Drum”
While hunting in Nashville, TN, the Martins bid big on an old Beatles drum after leading Mark to believe it was worthless, and one of the buyers scores a slam dunk with a pair of vintage Michael Jordan sneakers.

Season 4 , Episode 2 – “Monster Money”
The buyers are in Hollywood, CA, for one of the largest movie monster memorabilia auctions of all time. Billy bids on a replica C-3PO statue from “Star Wars,” and the rest of the crew goes “psycho” as they battle over an Alfred Hitchcock mask.


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Season 7, Episode 19 —  “Patti Uncensored”
“The Millionaire Matchmaker” star Patti Stanger gives her raw and uncensored take on three dates that she set up in past seasons. There’s more tough love to go around when Patti reflects on a plastic surgeon who invites a busty model to be a third wheel, a handsome entrepreneur who can’t date without his friends’ approval, and a musician who dates way too young and tries way too hard.


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Season 8, Episode 7 - “Treading Water”
Gail, a successful businesswoman, purchased Bryant’s Seafood World in Hueytown, Ala., expecting to seamlessly continue its 30 year tradition: But now, four years later, she desperately needs Chef Robert Irvine to intervene. Robert quickly realizes that she hasn’t done anything to make the restaurant her own — the menu, decor and the grime all pre-date her ownership. Two days may not be enough time for Robert to turn this neglected restaurant and passionless owner around.


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Musician Paul Young and Michelin starred chef Angela Hartnett are in the studio to help rustle up a range of springtime dishes using the best of the season’s ingredients.

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Chopped S16E16 Wasted HDTV x264 pwe

Season 20 , Episode 06 –  “Peri Peri Determined”
In the first basket, the fryer gets pretty crowded as the chefs race to make crispy chicken wings, and the chefs are challenged to make African peri peri rub work in their dishes. Then in the entree round, a difficult cut of meat and a salty sandwich spread are among the mandatory ingredients. And will either finalist decide to bake a pie from the pie dough in the dessert basket?


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Season 1 Episode 6 - “Out Of The Mix”
It’s old versus new when Kerry Vincent tries to tackle the problems facing Holmesburg Bakery, Philadelphia’s oldest family-run bakery. Owner George is adamant on keeping old traditions alive while his son Buddy wants to see high-tech bakery innovations prevail. Kerry breathes new life into their sweets and demands that Buddy and George make improvements on their own, because if this father and son duo can’t work together, this 114-year-old family institution is going under.

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