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Season 3, Episode 06 - “United States of Trash″
Determined to understand the ins and outs of online digital money, Morgan lives off nothing but the e-currency Bitcoin for a week to figure out whether the world is ready for a new kind of money.

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Season 01 Episode 08 – “Beale Ciphers”
Josh scours the Virginia backcountry in search of the legendary Thomas Beale treasure, which would be worth millions today. Since encrypted codes are hiding its whereabouts, Josh takes a detour to Philadelphia to uncover missing pieces of the puzzle.

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Log cabins are the ultimate dream sanctuaries, and this team of skilled builders makes their clients’ cabin fantasies a reality. Whether nestled at the base of a mountain or in a suburban backyard, these craftsmen create unique log homes sprung from their clients’ imaginations.

Season 1, Episode 1 – “Sky High Sanctuary”
Nate Heim and his team of tough log-home builders set out for Brian Head, Utah, to make dreams come true for Dr. Darin Brimhall and his family. The Brimhalls want a picturesque getaway home away from their lives in Las Vegas, where they can entertain friends and take advantage of Brian Head’s outdoor activities.


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The adage says opposites attract…and in the case of Lifetime’s all-new docu-sitcom Kosher Soul, which follows the lives of Los Angeles stylist Miriam Sternoff, who is Jewish, and her fiancé, southern and African-American comedian O’Neal McKnight, they do. Premiering Wednesday, February 25, at 10p ET/PT, divergent worlds will clash as Miriam and O’Neal’s friends and family prepare for the couple’s nuptials, including O’Neal’s conversion to Judaism and their future as husband and wife

Season 1, Episode 1 – “The Cookie”
Following an eight-year relationship, O’Neal McKnight decides to change his faith to Judaism for his fiancée.

Season 1, Episode 2 – “Miracle & Javonni”
Miriam and O’Neal attempt to figure out a cohesive seating chart for their upcoming wedding.


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Brian is determined to put a stop to Sharon’s interference and arranges for them to be on patrol in the car together. However, things turn dangerous when they investigate a break-in at a warehouse, and it soon becomes all too clear that he had planned the whole thing.


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Season 1, Episode 6 – “Love Is in the Air”
An unhappy tourist tries to strangle an airport official, and a Full Moon party goes wrong for two young British girls. The English Thai boxing team flies in, hoping to beat the Thais at their own game. As political unrest sweeps the country, Captain Jack, the happiest man in the immigration department, finally stops smiling.

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Season 2, Episode 15 - “Doubles Trouble”
Phoebe enlists Max’s help in a tennis tournament in order to win a membership at Link’s family’s country club.

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