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Season 3 , Episode 16 - ”Reunion Part 2″
Lisa is on the attack, after Joanna makes accusations about her, ready to reveal skeletons in her closet. Special guest, Marysol Patton joins the ladies on Elsa’s wavering condition and gets to the bottom of her feud with Lea once and for all. And it seems there is still a very clear division between the Latinas and the Gringas, and neither side is backing down.


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The Real Housewives Of Miami S03E15 Reunion Part 1 WEB-DL x264-RKSTR

Nov 12

Posted on November 12th, 2013 at 9:51 pm in TV Shows by AiR

Season 3 , Episode 15 - ”Reunion Part 1″
The Miami ladies reunite to address Season 3′s dramas. Included: Joanna and Lisa’s friendship is sorely tested; and Alexia’s motives are questioned.


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The Real Housewives Of Miami S03E14 WEB-DL x264-RKSTR

Nov 5

Posted on November 5th, 2013 at 1:47 pm in TV Shows by Robotnico

Season 3 , Episode 14 - ”Mrs Zago″
In the season finale, the ladies race to get Joanna to the altar while Romain anxiously waits for his bride-to-be. Lisa and Alexia get some good news and Adriana sees a new side to Lea that changes everything.


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Season 3 , Episode 13 - ”Blame It On The Alcohol″
It’s Joanna’s last night being single and the girls go to Vegas to celebrate. Adriana meets resistance when she tries to mend fences with Lea. Everyone is shocked to see Joanna and Adriana start to bond but when the drinks start to flow, Lisa’s erratic behavior starts to get on the ladies’ nerves.


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Season 3 , Episode 12 - ”Bridesmaid Breakdown″
After Lisa’s trip to Texas, she’s more committed than ever to tearing down Lea’s walls and getting her and Adriana back together. Meanwhile Joanna is feeling the pressure of planning her wedding and takes it out on Lisa in a blowout that makes Lisa question her friendship with her. And after months of feuding, Adriana and Lea finally meet at her ballroom reveal party and hash out their issues, but will it be the happy ending they’ve all been looking for?


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The Real Housewives Of Miami S03E11 The Black Sheep WEB-DL x264-RKSTR

Oct 23

Posted on October 23rd, 2013 at 12:13 am in TV Shows by Lisa

Season 3 , Episode 11 - ”The Black Sheep″
Despite Lea’s lack of enthusiasm, she and RJ must make their routine trip back home to Texas and brings Lisa along for the ride. Alexia reflects back on the last 10 years as she celebrates her wedding anniversary with Herman, but Marysol is not feeling so festive as she breaks down about her mother’s deteriorating health. Meanwhile, Joanna and Romain receive some unexpected news from Romain’s parents when they announce their wedding date, but Romain tries to make things better when he shocks his future bride with a big surprise.


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Season 3 , Episode 10 - ”Brazilian Bridezilla″
After six years of romantic bliss, Adriana and Frederic finally get to consummate their marriage license among the eyes of the church. With all eyes on Adriana, wedding bells transform this Brazilian beauty into a blustering Bridezilla. As her bridesmaids try not to sing the blues, Adriana’s guests are forced to anxiously wait for the bride-to-be.


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